Wednesday, December 5, 2007


oh my god having the best time ever, meeting so many people, getting so wasted and having some good times BUT i miss you like a mother fucker! rash and i got pissed the other night and literally spent an hour talking about how much we both miss you, almost broke down. ohhhhh i have one thing to say to you: im gonna win the $100 bet heheheheheheh i was right your gonna marry someone like bushkanaka boy hehhehehehe im gonna be rich! but seriously watch him, suss him out but dont be too critical if you find out something and dont let it cloud your judgement, also dont be to distant and dont put up huge barriers, just go with the flow and if he turns out to be an ass get out of there and fucking run. but i have a feeling about this one he like the perfect guy for you: doesnt talk, fights for you hmmmmmm. im so excited!!! but by the time you get this email you will probablly hate him lol, hope not, hope it works. oi went online got my op, op 6, its ok not exactly thrilled but you know me im never satified with my results, i had honestly forgotten about ops until mum started nagging me. oh well boring lets see whats my goss? sue is complaining that she has too many descisions to make: sojmething about her getting the scholarship and getting offered another job at some construction firm, damn bitch has her life sorted i swear. also sam is in love with her so cute yet so pathetic: its like in the movies and the guy loves the girl but he never tells her, he is just her best friend and then he goes to her wedding and sits througfh it and for the rest of his life he is lonely. as for me: no love life i cant find any decent guys, just guys our age who are good to have fun with but thats about it. oh and yeah jim never told me bout pete until that night after he had called me and told me he was on his way up to our room. so yeah i slept with him again but im not feeling anything for him, im fine with it all: the way i see it, it was schoolies , ther eare no rules at schoolies so yeah and i just wanted sex on the last night. rest of schoolies was fucking excellent, the last night had the best vibes ever: at about 5 everyone in the islander was on the balconies and it just went off, sooo good, got me so pumped. ohhhhh back to goss:got trashed at mitch's christmas party: free booze and we had a fucking great time together. oi i miss jules so much too, no one down here parties properly: no one dances with me, i have been spending my nights out alone on the dance floor lol. ohhhhhhh biggewst goss ever, a chick got fired from work last night (you may have heard me talk about her: sammantha, like best employee and nicest girl ever) becvasue she has stolen over $10 000 over the last 11 months, holly fuck hey last person i would ever expect, just goes to show that we dont really know who people are, appearances can be every decieving. going to an 18th tonight after work, its gonna go off but i am sooooooo poor i literally have $11.80 to last me till tues. i keep getting fucked up and spending all my money on food yummmmm pie.


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