Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i didnt tell liz bout americano she was on a downer from a pill and i didn't want you jumping off the balcony. your story would have been told to future schoolies. i toldthem to tell her in the arvo. but dont worry, i told martin to tell him he was a prick and to never touch you again. (i hope he didn't...did you see him again?) talkin bout martin, the wank keeps texting and emailing me, its nuts. i told him yesterday thru email that i wasn't interested. honestly, we had fun, but he aint my type. too fucken skinny. haha. why do i get involved with either complete assholes or obsessive maniacs? oh saw nick, he's got a girl and every time he tries to talk to me, i literally completley ignore him. im polite but answer with yes or no, dont get further. makes me sick. shit i miss you. anyways yes sue and james. its not the fact that he's with rizzo now, just the fact that he said he never felt anything for her adn basically told her to get fucked in front of rizzo. who by the way is so ugly and literally no one likes her, why couldnt he go for someone more decent? but i respect them for sorting it out with sue , but it wasn't necessary, the point is james cheated on rizzo with sue but he's too ashamed to admit it. fucker. oh and matilda looks so HOT! she's 64kg and 5 months pregnant. im gonna help take care of the kids for the next month. and mikayla is good, so much happier. im having a pretty good time ay......been out almost every night, i had to retreat to the beach house to detox and clean myself up. rachel reckons she's gonna stop drinking, big thing happened last week cant be bothered explaining, but it was the last straw, so she's all depressed adn in shock. but im having a great time. hanging out with nicolas heaps (he was asking when conchita coming back, saying he cant believe how hot she was, freak) and he got with lolita but wasn't too into her. im just chilling ay, no joke, went out once by myself, had the best time of my life! im just trying to enjoy myself as much as possible, coz chanelle is depressed (but says she's fine, but will bring up the topic every 5 mins) so im hanging with all the older white people, then chill out with random tourists (met some awesome peeps), to the younger french and english population, literally wanting to be with whoever as long as they give me a good time. i dont care right now. oh and harriet lost her virginity here with some old french guy....felt so bad about it though...


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