Wednesday, December 5, 2007


visa is fucked, im going on a tourist visa, cant be bothered to get into detail but it should be good. um.... so i go out and i see this guy who looks hot, but not. like he's just very strange looking. looks sorta asian but black but not and he's got so much sex appeal. i dont think anything of it, you know how your like oh yeah hot guy, but thats it. anyways, a week later, i end up talking to him, and he's so sexy adn awesome. his name's fred and he's half white, half hawaiin, and he's got sexy eyes, but he's 18. like he kinda mumbles when he talks and when he looks at you, he looks at you from the side and he wears real bush kanaka clothes man (like thongs, old necklace, worn-out jacket, dirty shorts, haha) but there's something about him man. so im like, hmmmm hes fly...and then i go outside and he's there and we keep chit chatting (and its good that he doesn't talk much, coz we just sit there and its really comfortable, like no need to be superficial or explain anything) and this black idiot with broken sunglasses tries to touch me. and then fred fought for me. like he didn't actually get into a fight, but he fought for me you know? like 'dont touch her' and protected me and then this guy finally fucked off. and then fred didn't talk about it again, just sat down. then said bye and left. and he didn't try to be a hero or you know like hit on me. then i went out again and he was there. (hangs out with all the ni-vans too by the way!) he told penno (this chick, u havent met her) that i was really pretty and cool. hehe. but he didnt talk much when i was there and was like 'im tired, im going home'. and just left. drives me crazy. and hot. this is NOT GOOD! he is probably a player, i always want the ones i cant get. so im gonna be a bit wary and suss him out, but whoo.....he's so fine man, so sexy....but weird.


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